I have this chaotic energy that escalates me into violence against myself and psychotic episodes in relationship

Client Conversations

If this was not a means to an end, and not a symptom of pathology, then what would it be? If this situation, in it’s entirety, was on purpose, what would it mean; how would you frame its meaningfulness, its intention?

No more special rates


On Tuesday the 21st of January 2020, I had an epiphany. The universe spoke to me and gave me a very clear message — you will charge full price from now on this year and you will not work with people who do not value what you do by offering a discount.

“Feeling New” iChing Reading Sun 23 Sep 2018


Endurance is cultivated when determination is coupled with flexibility. Long-distance runners must adapt to changing conditions, while maintaining a strong sense of purpose. Two trees growing near each other bend and adapt to enhance each other’s survival. A strong image of durability is the stable relationship of intimate partners that strikes a dynamic balance between …

Fast Client Enrollment Formula Review

Product Launch, Product Launch Review

A Oneness review of Ted McGrath’s ‘Fast Client Enrollment Formula’ by Melanie Brockwell the Living Master Mentor for the Product Launch article series.

BioField Tuning Certification Australia


5 Videos of the Biofield Tuning Process Level 1 & 2, October 2016 Melbourne, Australia The following videos are of Toni Cross, Biofield Tuning practitioner who works with my friends from the bush John & Anne Carter (also Biofield Tuning practitioners). John and Anne hosted Eileen McKusick’s stay in Australia for the 2016 certification events …

Divine Timing of Mercury Retrograde

How-to Tech

I felt “funny” yesterday. Not quite unsettled but certainly as if I wanted something I couldn’t put my finger on. Then today I got an email from a friend about Mercury Retrograde; about Mercury being the planet of truth; and how Mercury Retrograde inspires miscommunication, travel snafus, and technology meltdowns – her words, not mine. …

Divine Daily Impression #1

How-to Tech

If you can find a truth to which there is no exception then question the very nature of truth itself until you have been rid of certainty altogether and simply be; free in the now of not-knowing, in the art of present-centred exploration where All That Is reveals what is anew at each flutter in …

Fast Client Enrollment Formula Review Q7

Product Launch

Oneness review of Question 7: ” On a scale of one to ten, how committed are you to accomplishing this vision that you say you want?”

Fast Client Enrollment Formula Review Q6

Product Launch

Oneness review of Question 6: “If we were to solve this problem for you, what do you think would happen in your life?”

Fast Client Enrollment Formula Review Q5

Product Launch

Oneness Review of Question 5: “Now that we know what it’s costing you not to achieve this, what’s the biggest problem that’s standing in your way that that’s stopping you from achieving this?”